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At 6:30 this evening, I headed from my house down Main St. toward the river, where I met the husband of my boss.  Dave McCormick owns a marine store that sells boats, motors, 4-wheelers and snowmobiles, dirt bikes and accessories.  My job was to assist him in dropping a boat motor onto his wooden craft.  […]

Cinco de Mayo


I guess that the alarm bells should have rung when the Yup’ik woman who had dragged me onto the dance floor began baying like a yak.  I’d been dancing on the floor to a mobile DJ at the Cinco de Mayo party for a short while when the front of my shirt was grabbed by […]

Permafrost is a swampland, only further north and with a fancier name.  Frozen solid in the winter months, it turns to mush in the summer, necessitating the construction of often crumbling boardwalks in many portions of the town.  The lack of paved road – impossible to maintain in the winter, I assume, gives a dirty […]

Water came today – perhaps the best thing to happen in the past two days.  Tundra and sub-zero temperatures, not being friendly to underground pipes, mean that many houses are filled by the city water company every Monday.  When I arrived in Bethel on Saturday, the house was dry as the pump ran endlessly. Before […]