Cinco de Mayo


I guess that the alarm bells should have rung when the Yup’ik woman who had dragged me onto the dance floor began baying like a yak.  I’d been dancing on the floor to a mobile DJ at the Cinco de Mayo party for a short while when the front of my shirt was grabbed by a woman I recognized as an employee from the hospital cafeteria.  With little haste, she threw her large arms around me with great force and pressed her boobs to my chest.  Spinning, she ground her fat ass against me, and pinned me.  There was no retreat. 

Suddenly, she began baying like an ox, and within seconds a drunken man was threatening to beat the shit out of me unless I left her alone.  Me leave HER alone?  I wanted nothing more than a cattle prod to keep her, in her drunkenness, away, and for her to release me from her clutches of lard.

I wanted no part of whatever was going on and literally forced myself away from the crazy woman who, even then, still gripped me tightly.

Native American Eskimos and alcoholism is a well-documented problem.  There are laws in Bethel against the sale (but not possession) of alcohol as a result.  Perhaps there is good reason behind the decision.  It would seem that there’s something cultural regarding the amount of alcohol consumed in a setting, as a bottle that’s started apparently has to be finished.  Nobody – at least at this party – stopped after one or two.

Moreover, could there be something genetic about HOW alcohol affects Bethel’s citizens?  I ask, because people tend to get very drunk very fast, and hammered particularly hard.  The result was a party with grown adults falling over, dropping bottles without realizing it, trying to start fights, and driving home afterword, even if unable to walk.

Overall, however, things went very well.  I took my first tequila shots this evening, which were especially potent.  I’m surprised I didn’t go blind.  The DJs were good, too, spinning club tunes -a couple of high school guys.  While others continue to party, I’m going to bed.  Tired.


3/2/09 – Coming home from the party, I remember staring up at the midnight sun.  It wasn’t the solstice QUITE yet, but getting there.  Pretty cool.


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