Mosquitoes, BAG and Cinco de Mayo


The mosquitoes have made themselves known to me over the past two days.  Though my first several days here were insect-free, I was swarmed on my way to work yesterday, ultimately fumbling for my bug spray (“bug dope” to the locals) all the while wishing that I could pull my jacket over my head and run, beating them away like Tippi Hedren in “The Birds.” 

Insect repellent is only half the battle, though.  These bugs bite through clothing and hair, often getting tangled and requiring brushing out.

According to the locals, these mosquitoes last until July, when much smaller “no see-ums” appear in their stead.  At this point, I wish that there were a bat population to offer control.

The most trifling part of the Alaskan mosquito issue is that there’s no rhyme or reason to their attacks.  Early morning, late afternoon, sun, shade – they seem less a problem in the wind and more attracted to dark clothing, but shy of that they could attack (or not attack) at any given time.


3/2/09 – Many houses in Bethel are built near still water ponds that, while frozen and inert most of the year, thaw into mosquito puddles come summer.  Our house, on Mission Lake, was no different.


Today I begin work on a couple of one-act shows for the Bethel Community Theater Company, the Bethel Actors Guild.  This should give me something new to do and memorize.  The company works out of the old Swanson’s Theater – a former movie house.  The inside of the building – a mess of old props, bills and construction equipment – re-awakened my love of theater and I can’t wait to get started.


3/2/09 – I’m still impressed that a small town like Bethel had a theater troupe that presented shows like Agnes of God, and had quirky theater-types.  It truly filled a niche in my soul that had been missing since the end of college.


Today, on the 8th of June, a Cinco de Mayo party is scheduled.  From the sound of it, most of the town is going.  Admission cost bought T-shirts for the event.  Some are for men, some for women, and each has a unique sombrero design.  It should be a fun time.


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