Greater Pittsburgh International Airport
Gate D89

Ticket to AnchorageIt’s still not quite hit me, as I sit here at the airport, that I’m about to board a plane to St. Louis and then to Anchorage, Alaska.  Further, I can’t fathom that in two day’s time I’ll board another plane to Bethel, where I’ll be living for three months.

Somewhere in my mind I feel this to be a vacation – back to Philly in two weeks, and to my Lynnewood Gardens apartment and my former way of life – except that the apartment is vacated, the lease expiring in my absence, and Philadelphia a memory.

People ask why I willingly chose the last frontier as my first in my senior year of optometry school.  There are myriad reasons, I suppose, including the opportunity to travel and live where I’ll likely never live again.  But there’s something more to all of this that I have difficulty committing to paper.  I believe, in a sense, that I go to re-establish a sense of self – that I’m still human, and maybe that’s okay.

Pretty tired at present – woke at 4 AM to be here on time, and after check-in went downtown to catch up with my dad’s second cousin who works at the Omni William Penn Hotel.  It was good to see her again and that she’s doing well for herself and her family.

I was dropped here at the airport after a trip to the new mall in Robinson Township.  I now wait across from a very cute, most likely straight guy who will likely never look up from his climbing magazine to notice me.  Then again, why should he?

Flight to board in 15 minutes.  Wheels up at 2:59.


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